Black Day for Research scholars in India !!!

Research Scholars from the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science(IACS) had observed Yesterday (17th January 2019)  as black day for Indian researches in protest of the arrest of the scholars in Delhi on Tuesday. Around 2000 scholars had assembled in front of the MHRD building to start a hunger strike to protest the delay in the announcement of a hike in the fellowship of the research scholars India on that day. But Delhi police arrested them and they were taken away to parliament street police station and mandir marg police station and detained for several hours till that evening.   
The research scholars across India have been demanding a hike of fellowship of at least 60% from April 2018 and in spite of several promises from the GoI their demands have not been met as no office memorandum stating increase in the fellowship have been published by the competent authority. There had been protest marches in all major cities of India by research scholars on December, 2018. There have been several tweets from insiders like the secretary of DST, the principal scientific adviser about some “good news” soon to be announced but the deadlines made by them were never met.
Following that on 16th January, 2019, research scholar representatives from different institutes across the country assembled in front of the head office of MHRD for a hunger strike in order to get heard by the government. The Research scholars from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science held a silent demonstration in front of the RAMAN Gate (the main entrance of the institute) in support of the same and more than 200 research fellows and research associates joined there.  When more than 700 researches in Delhi were arrested and detained by the police around 4 p.m. , the research scholars association (RSA) of IACS condemned such disgraceful attitude by government and on 17th January, 2019 all the research scholars wore black badge all day in protest. 
The last time the fellowship was revised was on October, 2014 and at that time regular increment of fellowship was promised by the authority. There has also been irregularity in disbursement of fellowship after direct benefit transfer came into effect.
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