She is Sonia Gandhi!!! The 12th richest leader in the world!

According to Huffington post survey, She secured 12 place in World’s Top 20 Richest politicians.
The survey websites has published a report claiming that Sonia Gandhi is richer than Britain’s queen Elizabeth 2 and Syria president Basher-al-Assad.
Notably, in 2009, Sonia Gandhi while filing her nominations for the Lok Sabha election, had declared that she owns neither a car nor a house in a India, but she owns an ancestral house in Italy which worth of Rs. 18.02 lacks.
But, according to the survey of celebrity net worth dot com surveyed that in world’s top 50 richest politicians, Sonia Gandhi is in 26 place having 200 crore USD dollars. Unfortunately, there’s no other politician secured a place so well. Though, it didn’t reveal her assets, but only reports.
Money towers in Swiss bank?
Sonia once declared that she owns total assets of value Rs.1.33 – 3.33 crores. But,, a websites of USA had reported that she owns 200 Cr USD which equals to Rs.13335 crores!!!
Adding to it, in 2012, a news portal of Switzerland reported that she had 200 crores at the time of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in Swiss bank.
Life of lies!
Her life is full of lies!!
Her birth certificate says her name is Antonia Maino and her Indian passport application also says so. As she says her name is Sonia and she born it Italy, she doesn’t think that Sonia is not an Italian name, it’s a Russian.
She only said that her father was in jail for years as a prisoner of war as he had signed up with Hitler’s army. Hitler’s army went into Russia near St. Petersburg. He got captured and jailed for four years. But unlike, in all other German soldiers, Russians never released them before 20 years. But, in his case, they released them at for which’s taken to mean that he must have capitulated and become agreed to be a member of KGB and that he was let off. So, therefore he came back and changed the names of his children into Russian names.
According to her birth certificate, she was born on 9 December 1944. But at that time, her father was in jail and now unless like Jesus Christ’s immaculate history took place? Why did she claim her father is Stefano Maino when her father was in jail at that time? That leads to another mystery!! In parliamentary records, she was born in Busano, but in Birth Certificate, it says Luciana which’s resides at the border of Switzerland. She never revealed her study certificates and she have never been to Cambridge.
Although, her life includes several kind of secrets, she had never been suspended out of the country even when she did perjury in renouncing her Italian citizenship.
An idol of Corruption!
When Narendra Modi countered back the Pakistan, these idols shouted that “ There is no proper armoury to fight against Pak ”. And, who is the reason behind lack of armouries in Army?
Besides, from Nehru to present generation of Gandhi generation, they were all owed to serve the nation, but NOT India.
During demonetisation, Congress leaders banged entire country through their controversial cooked up stories. During the time of GST, they were again on the fall.
As recent, her own Congress party members cross voted!
Oh, yeah! She is Sonia Gandhi! 12 richest among 20!!!
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