CP Humayun Kabir allegedly harassed after communal clash!!

Sohag Bhattacharjee, Kolkata, May 16: Chandannagar Police commissioner Humayun Kabir was openly harrassed in social media  after the communal clash occured in the Hooghly District. Many people attacked Humayun Kabir and his family by commenting slangs in the social media. Even caste discrimination was done by them. 

The comments were really filthy. Even the family members including the daughter of Humayun Kabir had to face all of these. This is never acceptable in the society. One person can always be criticized but using such slangs about the high official is really offensive. Even these type of activities not only hampers one's reputation but also can hamper one's mental health. Even his daughter who was even not known to then who commented became the part of the filthy talks. If high officials had to face such comments only what will the common people have to face in the name of criticism. 

Five days ago many people commented about Police Commissioner Humayun Kabir. After the oubreak of communal clash in Hooghly district they started criticizing him as rumours got spread that police were not taking actions against the attackers.

 Mobile internet and the broadband services were suspended by the State administration.The decisions were taken after fake news and misinformation about the clashes were being circulated on social media platforms. From those rumors Humayun Kabir fad to face vigorous harassment. People used slangs about him and his family. And even caste discrimination outbroke through the comments.

Steps should be taken place against these trolls. The government should immediately take stern actions against these people. They should understand that harassing a person through socila media is a cyber crime. Very strong actions should be taken against these people so that in near future no one would do such thing.
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