Mesmerizing Inspirational Ghazal by IPS Neeraj Kumar Singh!!

Sohag Bhattacharjee, Kolkata, September 4: 

Another mesmerizing ghazal by Additional Director General of police IB (Intelligence Bureau) Neeraj Kumar Singh was presented by him on the muharram.

He again proved his excellence through another ghazal of his own composition and lyrics. That made for the occasion was also very inspirational and motivating for the public.


 Previous ghazal " Bewaza ghar se nikal ne ki zaroorat kya hain" sung by him during the lockdown days just before the occasion of Eid created an awareness in a melodious way. That song was made on the lyrics of Gulzar the famous Indian lyricist, poet, author, screenwriter, and film director. In that song he portrayed his heartiest wishes for Eid. And the song sung by him on the occasion of Muharram is portraying his inspiration and sorrow for the occasion.

The opening line "Zindegi yeh kar bala" denotes that Neeraj Kumar Singh wishes that all the problems of a life may come to an end."Har bhi yeha jeet si ; Moth bhi hain zindegi " clearly portrays that he is inspiring people that they should be positive in every situation even though it becomes the worst."Jung ke maidan mein Kho nah dena hosla" this line seems that he wants that no one should give up in thier lives. This line is very relevant for this Covid 19 pandemic situation.

The inspirational message through this mesmerizing song by IPS singer Neeraj Kumar Singh comes out very clearly. Through such ways the Police administration is always doing a wonderful job in inspiring the public in every possible way. So they dont get heartbroken in this pandemic situation.

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