Congress leaders broken!!! What is the evidence found in IT raid that will send DK Shivakumar and many Congress leaders into the jail?

PM Modi said “Naa Kavoonga Aur Naa Kaane Doonga” (I’ll not receive bribe nor ill let others be take bribe). The corrupt didn’t take PM Modi’s warning seriously. Today, PM Modi demolished every corrupt politician’s bank lockers and they are left with nothing other than “Vendetta Politics” slogan.
The IT raids have nailed the Congress by releasing the pictures of the amount seized in DK Shivakumar’s house. Those who don’t know DK Shivakumar, let me say you that he is the most powerful politician in the Karnataka Congress party.
The evidence that will send DK Shivakumar into jail:
But now, Mr DK Shivakumar is in a bit serious problem because when the IT officials had raided his home, he was seen tearing up certain papers. Now the IT officials have recovered it along with several other papers and they have said that there were details about distribution of cash to several leaders including to the AICC. Now this can prove deadly because even a piece of paper seized during raid is considered as a proof.
Several months ago when Congress MLA Govindaraju was raided, the officials had seized a donation diary which revealed that huge sums of money were paid as kickbacks to Congress leaders. The diary had included several top Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.
During the 2002 elections, the details submitted by DK Shivakumar stated that he had assets worth Rs 1.5 crores but today the properties he possess will shock everyone. He has properties worth crores not just in India by also in foreign nations. So how can a state government Minister be so rich? Answer is that he looted the tax payer’s money.
The trouble to DK Shivakumar won’t stop here because complaints have been filed against him even in the Enforcement Directorate (ED) over alleged money laundering and illegal properties abroad.
Many more scams will be revealed as the Income Tax officials are grilling Mr DK Shivakumar since yesterday morning. The Congress leaders have united and tried to gain sympathy of the voters but these are of no use as the IT officials have collected very strong evidence against him.
India is slowly heading towards “Corruption Mukt Bharat”. If corruption free India is achieved than India will be “Congress Mukt Bharat” because the main root of corruption is Congress.
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