Love for all,malice for none!!

Indiapost24 Web Desk :A historic event was organized by Chisti Foundation (From Ajmer Dargah) in collaboration with SRIE Foundation which promoted Brotherhood of Mankind, & "Oneness of God".  Religious priests from all religions gave their sermons for common good. 
Main Guests were the world famous German Sufi Master Eshref Efendi of European Centre of Sufism & Turkish Ottoman sufi clerics troupe who also made a live performance of "zikr" which had been an essential part of Ottoman culture preserved by the Ottoman Caliphate Era, unique to that zone.

Chairman of SRIE, Dr Kanoria & Dr Richa Chopra of Art of Living gave very elightening speeches too regarding ways to deal with depression & other challenges of this era. 

Ambassador of Lebanon Mr.Rabie Narsh also graced the program. Senior most priest of Ramakrishna Mission Swami Suparnananda Maharaja was also there for some moments but had to leave early.

A Christian priest Rev Dr Pratap Gine made a  very valid point that we all talk about "love" though only few of us can actually practice it in our lives.
Buddhist priest Ven. M. Medhankara Thero, Bikkhu-in-charge Maha Bodhi Society of India, Sikh Scholar Smt Paramjeet Kaur & Shri Rajesh Kumar Jain; Founder of Janus Advisory Services also shared their thought with the audience, after which was an interactive question & answer sesion open to all present.

Lastly, the official Hereditary Custodian & Key Holder of Ajmer Sharif Dargah; Gaddi Nashin Haji Syed Salman Chisty who hosted the program also made an inspiring speech about Divine Truth or "Al-Huq", stressed upon Bab ul Ism "knowledge" & on the universal theme of "Love for all & malice for none"
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