Again a mesmerizing ghazal by ADG IB Neeraj Kumar Singh!!

Indiapost24 Web Desk: In this tough time of pandemic outbreak Police Force is serving people in all aspects not only by maintaining law and order but also in all different aspects like delivering food and medicines from door to door, keeping on a strong vigilance and many more. All these activities are supporting people so that they can gain the motivation of staying at home and pass through the tough time. All these activities are pumping positivity all around. Even social awareness is another important role played by West Bengal police. They are also making people aware in all possible ways 
by writing poetries, drawing motivational pictures, singing songs or ghazals.

Additional Director General of Police IB (Intelligence Bureau),IPS Neeraj Kumar Singh is widely known as an honest and very responsible high official of West Bengal Police Department. Just like other Police officials he has also engaged himself in his duty of fighting against Covid -19 outbreak. This IPS Officer is not only known as an honest and able high ranked IPS but also as an very talented ghazal singer. He has not very oftenly publicised his talent of singing but through few media platforms his singing he has been discovered as a very enthusiastic and discerning ghazal singer..

Just a two months back this senior IPS Officer raised his mesmerizing voice for the awareness of the people about the importance of lockdown by his ghazal."Bewaja ghar se nikal ne ki zaroorat kya hain, Sabko Malum Hain Bahar ki Hawa Hain Katil, Aur Mot se Ankh Milane ke Zaroorat Kya Hain", are the lines which touched the heart of people and awoke them.He sung this mesmerizing ghazal on the lyrics of Gulzar saheb perticularly for raising the awareness of the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19.

Similarly this time he has added the condition of the people during the Eid due to the lockdown in his newly composed number..Through this new ghazal,he has spoken about the pain of people who could not celebrate this Eid with thier loved ones. " Hain Chandwali Raat Yeh,  Apnose Mulakat Yeh, Par Fasla Kaisa Yeh, Har koi Pareshaan Hain" through this lines he has so nicely and vividly depicted the pain of the current situation. He has also prayed for the betterment of the situation, " Sab ke liye yeh Mang le, Yeah Raab Yeh Roog Door kar". 

Speaking to Indiapost24,IPS singer said he got his inspiration of singing from his father Late Gour Kishore Singh who was a classical singer of Lucknow gharana.The main inspiration behind ghazal singing has been Ustad Ghulam Ali Sahab & his l) of ghazals in the 80s he told. He is singing ghazals since mid 80s. He has sung roughly 50 songs including ghazals mainly. He also sang devotional and other type of songs including some Bengali songs which where of his own compositions and lyrics.

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