KP busts illegal smuggling racket during the pre -elections,seizes gold,over Rs 82Lacs

Indiapost24 Web Desk:After declaration of the election code of conduct,Police and other enforcement agencies are on their toes to prevent and prosecute any illegal transfer of money, valuables or intoxicants around the different parts of West Bengal.As a result,today, during sudden naka checking by Officer of Shyampukur Ps and Jorabagan TG at around 4pm, five smugglers were detained in a white Bolero car under the apt supervision of Deputy Commissioner of police,IPS Abhisek Gupta in- charge of  North and North East Divisions.On personal search 2 gold biscuits were recovered without any paper. On further search of vehicle other 8 gold biscuits were found.A detailed inspection revealed,total weight of gold is 1166.35 gms,approximately amounting to Rs 82 lacs. The promptness and vigilance of Kolkata police is proved once again which is often compared with the excellence of Scotland Yard police.

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