A Hindu Nationalist And His Governance After 1000 Years

Umpteen Hindus derided our PM with slew of mockery in tandem with our enemies and missionaries, commies and scamgress
Even they stooped down to deride over his attires and his erstwhile profession as if no one except Nehru clan can govern India.
Scamgress has five foxes and countless goons, anti socials, naxals, terrorists at its disposal who will create trouble in all non scamgress governed states
Scamgress has number of good for nothing to issue meritless statements
He is far better than IIT Kejju who has amply substantiated with long on empty rhetoric but short on substance
I could read mockery over untiring foreign trips of our PM who did not go as undertaken unproductive one by that of our former president, an erstwhile cook of Nehru family
India, Japan and the failed state Pak are on the anvil of ending their membership in UN.
When election was conducted India won with 183 nations supporting and Pak could get only one vote and was shunted out
Our antinational and foul mouthed do not know the ordeal of endearing 183 nations
Corrupt MSM have closed their arseholes and become deaf
Modi has made Pak to run out with only one vote
Next wedge
China was troubling with its maritime nuisance but Modi won the premiership of UN maritime court with 120 nations supporting Bharat and first Bharat woman officer is going to preside it
Could anyone of the Hindus opposing Modi, attribute with reason unlike the missionaries, scamgress, commies and paid NGOs/Journos who are toadies for the former?
Modi is a Hindu in the first place and unlike in the past the missionaries could not exercise conversions and bring forth funds surreptitiously from abroad by fictitious accounts as they are truncated with the banks. Hence, they are abusing with their belly burning.
Modi is a Hindu and hence, the terrorists of Muslims are unable to execute bomb blasts and terror activities as they did earlier freely during scamgress regime. They too are unable bring forth funds surreptitiously from abroad by fictitious accounts as they are truncated with the banks. It is anybody’s guess as to the bomb blasts other than Kashmir in this entire nation in the past three years. Hence, they are abusing with their belly burning.
Unlike in the past, the traders and terrorists are unable to exercise freely their atrocities on the common hence, oppose as being crippled.
Why should an ordinary Hindu join with the rogues as stated supra and bajan opposing Modi?
He is a Hindu and among politicians he clamoured that he is a Hindu Nationalist and proved his masculinity. Have you ever come across any Hindu politicians to boast that he was a Hindu? No valour? It is the moral duty of every Hindu to parade after a Hindu leader with masculinity and valour and strengthen him.
If Pak wins cricket against India they fire crackers distribute sweets and if questioned they claim they are Muslims.
If a Muslim is attacked in Palestine they pull down shutters and perpetrate atrocities here if questioned they claim they are Muslims
If a Christian is attacked anywhere in the globe they take a parade with candle and procession if questioned they claim Christian
But a Hindu, unabashedly follow the corrupt scamgress, commies invented banner of secularism and lose everything.
It is not too late for us to forget at least now onwards the difference based on religion, state, caste, language and unite to protect us and our future generation.
After thousands of years, losing all our wealth, glory and experiencing ordeals we are under a Hindu nationalist party and vow to make it to flourish. Renouncing all, he toils for our nation, if not to co-operate then let us not cause nuisance to him with our gift of our gab.
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