Congress Movement for Poor People!!

Sohag Bhattacharjee, Kolkata, May 27 : The Congress party is launching a nationwide online campaign "Speak Up India" on 28th May 2020 between 11am to 2pm. This online campaign is organized for the sake of people. 

In this campaign all the congress leaders, workers, supporters and volunteers are requested to go live on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Youtube and demand strong actions from the Government against the super cyclone Amphan and Covid 19 pandemic. 

The objectives of this online campaign is seeking strong actions from the government,also the disastrous super cyclone Amphan that devastated Bengal should be declared as a national disaster and financial help should be given to the people of Bengal for facing a national disaster,the poor underprivileged families should be given Rs.10000/- by one time bank transfer. Even for six months Rs.7500/- should be provided per month.
Financial support for small & medium businesses to help the struggling middle class is also looked upon in their objectives. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment  Guarantee Act should be extended from 100 days to 200 days as an employment guarantee scheme. 

This online campaign also looks for the migrant workers. Their further demands are that the migrant workers should be taken care of. They should also get helped to return thier natives as well as be assured with guaranteed works under MGNREGA. 

A google form has also been published for this purpose. All India Congress Committee (AICC) has directed all the congress workers, volunteers, leaders who have good access in social media to participate in the campaign. After the form gets filled up a report extracted from this form will be shared with AICC for further analysis.

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