WB Violates the Guidelines of WHO !!

Sohag Bhattacharjee,Kolkata May 12: Calcutta High Court has directed the West Bengal government to follow guidelines of WHO concerning death by Corona. The guidelines stated by WHO about the cremation or burning of dead bodies of Covid 19 patients were not being followed by the Mamata Banerjee government. 

In a special hearing over video conferencing Justice Tapabrata Chakrobarty ordered the state to provide death certificates of those who gave died of Covid 19 before cremation protocol are carried out.

According to a statement issued by the High Court, the government must ensure the containment of the virus to all possible extend. It should also reduce the anxiety, agony and the threat perception of the people.

 The High Court already directed the respondents to take all necessary steps strictly in accordance with WHO guidelines. 
After the court had given time till June 8 for the submission of an affidavit declaring about the developments and the steps taken, senior counsel Smarajit Roy Chowdhury filed a writ petition. 

Smarajit Roy Chowdhury in his writ petition stated an example of a case in Howrah which is a red zone. On April 12 he declared that on April 3 the local administration allowed the dead body of one Barasat Mollah, who expired due to the virus, to be buried without issuing a death certificate. This action was totally against the guidelines issued by the WHO pertaining to the "Infection Prevention and Control for the Safe Management of a dead body in the context of Covid-19". 

From this incident one might deduce that the guidelines of WHO were violated by the WB government. The government were not taking appropriate actions as per the directives listed in the various orders annexed to the writ petition. Surprisingly no government officials were present during the hearing. 

Appropriate measures were not taken by the West Bengal government about the allegations. There has been a huge outcry about the proper disposal of the dead bodies in West Bengal. Thereafter, the problems have not been resolved. Issuance of death certificates before cremation, burning the dead bodies in proper places from where contamination of virus can be avoided are not being done.
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